Dean's Message

The Architecture Faculty of Yeditepe University, after a lengthy application process, was established in 2014. Our new Faculty consists of the Department of Architecture, which was once a part of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, and the Departments of Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, and Industrial Design, all of which were previously in the Fine Arts Faculty. However young our Faculty might seem, in fact all departments have been engaged in research and providing education and training since 1996, the establishment year of the University. We believe that the present composition of the departments will be very well-adapted to a multidisciplinary education system. Because of the integrity of the Architecture discipline and the complementary of other departments in our Faculty, we will be able to educate to degree level ever more competent students. Our students study in a wide range of disciplines and crafts, including building design, interior design, furniture design and landscape design. There are also on-going activities involving university-industry partnerships, compulsory internships, technical excursions and seminars.

Our goal is to ease the integration of our students into professional life in a continuous process from the beginning of their studentships. Our students can also benefit from Erasmus exchange programmes, as well as the double and minor programmes. Moreover, they can also work towards a Masters diploma in the department of Architecture.

The main mission of our Faculty is to educate our students to become individuals with a high degree of confidence and skills, having absorbed all appropriate professional ethics and social responsibilities while internalizing the principles of Atatürk. Our Faculty seeks to prepare professionals who have been fully integrated into the values and demands of the contemporary world in their chosen field of study, while remaining attached to their own domestic cultural roots.

Prof. Dr. Ömer H. GÜLSEN