In which year and by whom was your university founded by?

  • Our university was founded in 1996 by İSTEK Foundation under the leadership of Bedrettin Dalan.

How do I settle in Yeditepe University?

  • Student admission to the undergraduate programs of the university, as is done in other universities in Turkey by ÖSYM with center placement. Placement is carried out within the quotas recommended by our university every year and approved by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK). Quotas, points and rankings are listed in the ÖSYS guide for that year, but there is no other placement method.

Do you have departments that take special talent exam?

  • Even though our department of Interior Architecture has been accepting students through the Talent Examination in the past years, all departments of the Faculty accept students through the MF-4 score type since 2017 Fall Semester.

What is the period of education at Yeditepe University Faculty of Architecture?

  • The total duration of education in our faculty is 4 years (8 half-years).