About Our Department

Yeditepe University Industrial Design Department

Industrial Product Design Department that founded by Prof. Sadun ERSİN in 1996, is the first private university department in this area of profession. Our education continued for years with the headship of Asst. Dr. Nazan BORA and Prof. Dr. Cemil TOKA; and since 2013 summer semester, our department is continuing its education under Asst. Dr. Ayşem Gülin BAŞAR’s leadership.

Today, our department has a comprehensive education program with its teaching staff that consists of professionals and academicians. Yeditepe University Industrial Product Design Department aimed to host a teaching staff that comes from the finest universities of Turkey and around the world for different approaches and a rich design education with a broad perspective.

As a pioneer and leader in its domain of profession; Yeditepe University Industrial Product Design Department is especially the most preferred industrial product design department amongst the university candidates which are preferring private universities. Our department adopts an education approach that fronts practice and emphasizes creativity. Educative project classes and open jury assessments with the cooperation of local, national and international companies, renders our students more experienced and professional for their first jobs. Our students also presented at interdisciplinary groups in our university’s joint projects with the industry.

Our department also has student and personnel exchange agreement with Italian, Dutch, Belgian, Czech and etc. foreign design schools around the world. With the lateral and double major degree agreements between the departments in our faculty or our university, students can have a secondary university degree of their interest. Our department is an active participant at local design events, contests, fairs and exhibitions as well as international design events, research meetings and networks. Our graduates are contributing to qualified designs at national and global scales, and also taking roles of academic leaders in industrial design departments in Turkey.

Our main aim is having creative, anticipated, socially and  environmentally aware graduates that is equipped in every way possible.

In research and education, Yeditepe University Industrial Product Design Department utilizes a up-to-date computer laboratories of its own for computer aided design, visual processing, desktop publishing, multimedia presentation and  data analysis practices. Also, department has a 3 different floors of wood, metal, plastic, seramic workshop studios and computer aided manufacturing and rapid prototyping ateliers, as well as up-to-date 3D printing equipments in active use.