Eda Taşpınar | Yıldız Dükkanı Cosmetic Store Design Student Competition organized by Yeditepe University Faculty of Architecture concluded with the jury evaluation held on February 4, 2020. At the award ceremony held with the participation of Prof. Dr. Sedefhan Oğuz, Founder President Advisor of Yeditepe University, the students who were ranked were presented their awards. As the result of the competition, the first prize winning project will be implemented, and the exhibition of all the projects participating in the competition can be visited at the 5. floor hall of the GSF building.

Results of Eda Taşpınar | Yıldız Dükkanı Cosmetic Store Design Student Competition:

1. Prize: Project Number 40706

Selin Çamur (Architecture)

İrem Sertelli (Architecture)

Nilüfer Taşkın (Interior Architecture)

Cem Reyhan (Interior Architecture)


2. Prize: Project Number 72748

H. Ece Selçuk (Interior Architecture)

Ege Levent Balcı (Interior Architecture)

Buse Çatar (Architecture)

Özgen Yediyıldız (Architecture)


3. Prize: Project Number 26120

Zeynep Çataloğlu (Architecture)

Oğuzalp Apaydın (Architecture)

Beliz Yelkenkaya (Interior Architecture)


Jury's Special Award: Project Number 97531

Münevver Çelik (Architecture)

Ekin Su Vardar (Architecture)

Tuğba Zarper (Interior Architecture)