Nowadays, gaining identity as separate disciplines of design events that make up the artificial environment has increased the importance of Interior Architecture education. Interior Architecture education, while aiming contemporary, comfortable and producing unique space solutions, combining with the aesthetic approaches and technical informations, establishes relationships the Interior Architecture profession with the other environmental design disciplines.

The basic principle of the curriculum is to develop Interior Architecture education based on architectural formation. Department of Interior Architecture Curriculum, contains relationships will provide the comprehension of theoretical and practical courses between the phenomena of affecting the interior design  to social, cultural, psychological, environmental, technical and economic facts. To develop sensitivity to the artistic and aesthetic value for internal environmental lessons are also included in the program. Starting with  the first class, computer based training courses have been included to the schedule as the compulsory and elective courses. Starting from the second year, "interior design projects" are provided with focus on interior scale. Three-dimensional spatial perception is reinforced with courses such as final construction, construction details and materials. In the third class, competencies are acquired with the help of building restoration and surveying and application projects besides interior reinforcement weighted courses like structure, lighting and building performance services. In the fourth class, with courses such as marketing, building management and experimental design, students are prepared for professional life. With the help of compulsory and elective courses with a total area of 130 credits, students who have completed their summer practices are eligible for graduation.

Students has the opportunity to study abroad, depending on the application criteria, the university is contracted with the Department of Interior Architecture Erasmus program. Starting with the application in 2002, Department of Interior Architecture students, if they provide the necessary conditions, can have ‘minor’ and ‘double major’ graduation degree with Landspe Architecture and Architecture Departments


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