Department of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture; is an occupational discipline that covers design, development, planning and management as a whole. The aim of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture is to contribute to the quality of life by maintaining the balance between the relationships between people and their environment. The basic principle of our department is to create sustainable and livable environments that prevent destruction on ecological balance.

Urban Design and Landscape Architecture is one of the most proper fields of interdisciplinary work among design professions. It aims to create living environments for people and other living things by preserving ecological relationships and cultural values. In his studies, he combines the structural design skills of architecture, scientific principles of engineering with urban planning approach; aims to create livable, functional and aesthetic designs.

The Department of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture aims to train qualified planners and designers who are needed to overcome the increasing disconnect between nature and human in the rapid urbanization process of the contemporary world. In this context; aims to educate individuals who are able to create harmonious environments without damaging the nature based on the principles of sustainability, repair them when necessary and who are competent at the national and international level and open to developments.



Our graduates can work in Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Urbanism, Architecture and Construction offices; Municipalities, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, General Directorate of National Parks, General Directorate of Highways and NGOs can work in many public institutions. In addition, our graduates can open their own private offices.