The Aim of Department

Department of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture; is an occupational discipline that covers design, development, planning and management as a whole. The aim of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture is to contribute to the quality of life by maintaining the balance between the relationships between people and environment. The basic principle of our department is to create sustainable and livable environments that prevent destruction on ecological balance. Urban Design and Landscape Architecture is one of the most proper fields of interdisciplinary work among design professions. It aims to create living environments for people and other living things by preserving ecological relationships and cultural values. In his studies, he combines the structural design skills of architecture, scientific principles of engineering with urban planning approach; aims to create livable, functional and aesthetic designs. The Department of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture aims to train qualified planners and designers who are needed to overcome the increasing disconnect between nature and human in the rapid urbanization process of the contemporary world. In this context; aims to educate individuals who are able to create harmonious environments without damaging the nature based on the principles of sustainability, repair them when necessary and who are competent at the national and international level and open to developments.


The Goal of Department

The Department of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture provides students with analytical skills while integrating their creativity with technical knowledge; aims to raise creative individuals who are contemporary, successful in business, confident and doing their job.


Students who successfully complete the program are entitled to receive the title of "Urban Designer and Landscape Architect".


Admission and Registration Conditions

Within the framework of the regulations determined by the Higher Education Council (YÖK), admission to the Department of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture is carried out according to the results of the examination (YKS) (MF4) conducted by the Assessment Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM). Foreign students are evaluated after applying online at the International Office web site ( established by our University.


Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate, students are required to complete 130 Credit-240 ECTS course load and fulfill the 60-day internship requirement in an institution approved by the department, including 30 working days office, 30 working days construction area. Internships are shown in the academic program with LAUD 200 and LAUD 300 course codes. A student who completes the course load in the undergraduate program is required to obtain at least 2.00 weighted grade point average (CGPA) out of 4.00 in order to meet the graduation requirement.


Facilities Of Department

Department of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture has two professors and three assistant professors. The students of the department have the opportunity to make double major and minor programs with the programs within the university and to complete one or two terms of their education life in the European universities that we have contracted within the framework of Erasmus.


Erasmus and Exchange Department

Those who have completed at least one academic semester at Yeditepe University with a CGPA of 2.20 and who have at least one more semester to graduate may apply to continue their education with Erasmus or exchange programs for one semester abroad.


Urban Design And Landscape Architecture Department Key Learning Outcomes

1. Having sufficient knowledge about the basic themes of Urban Design, Landscape Architecture and Planning.

2. Having sufficient knowledge about creating natural environments without destroying the nature based on the principles of sustainability.

3. Having knowledge about universal issues such as the social and physical dimension of urban design and inclusive design.

4. Having knowledge about legal and administrative issues such as national / international environmental policies and legislation.

5. Gaining knowledge about landscape inventory and analysis, natural and functional aspects of landscape, types of space usage and functions in different scales and contents.

6. Having sufficient knowledge about urban design structural elements, construction methods and technologies, construction, cost analysis, documentation and technical specifications.

7. Having sufficient knowledge about the historical development of Urban Design, Landscape Design and Planning.

8. Having the ability to restore the environment that has been destroyed, identify natural conditions, and provide the same natural conditions in places newly designed.

9. Having the ability use the modern design techniques to analyze the problems in the field of landscape architecture and find appropriate solutions for them.

10. Having the ability to efficiently use information technologies and computer aided drawing, presentation, engineering and planning programs, as well as find and use current applications related to the field.

11. Having the ability to search, reach and utilize databases and other resources to access information related to the field.

12. Having the ability to reinvent oneself, follow improvements in the field of science and technology with the awareness of life-long learning.

13. Having the ability to efficiently work individually or in a multi-disciplinary team and the self-confidence to take responsibility.

14. Having an awareness about the universal and social effects of the solutions and practices found in the field as well as being knowledgeable about the problems of the times.

15. Making decisions and acting with judicial awareness by showing respect to human, social and cultural rights, and by being sensitive to the protection of the natural environment and cultural heritage.

16. Being aware of professional and ethical responsibilities.