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INTD 300
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Course Objectives: 
Allowing students to recognize application areas related to the profession they studied Interior Architecture in the short-term process of joining the practice, though, knowledge and skills, acquired through training and education to create opportunities for applications.
Course Content: 
Content Description of the Summer Practice Types


1 – Office Summer Practice : Covers Interior Design or Architecture Design office or firm environment activities, including drawings and presentation technics.


2 – Worksite Summer Practice : Covers Architectural and  Interior Architectural implementation of projects carried out in the construction environment in which applications with rough and performed at the construction site, final construction projects and business management studies.


Summer Practice Application


Students will do Summer Practice in the summer holidays must apply in the first week of May with all documents ranked below,

  1. Letter of Application
  2. Certificate of Approval from Firm
  3. SGK Commitment
  4. Document to be sent to the SGK
  5. Students Information Form
  6. Copy of Birth Certificate
  7. Residence Certificate
  8. 1 Photo


Duration of Summer Practice


30 work days of Office Summer Practice and 30 work days of Worksite Summer Practice are compulsory for Interior Architecture Department.


A week is considered to 6 business days. Saturdays are included in the business day. Sunday is not considered as business days.


Training can be done in the summer. However, in the period that students can’t take courses, they can do summer practice.


Students who have Summer Practice are required on days 8 hours work.


File Preparation of Practice


Training files should be prepared separately for each type of training.

  1. Training will be conducted from the firm, closed / sealed envelope in Training Certificate of Achievement.
  2. Training Book
  3. Each page of the notebook company Authority '(Interior Architect, Architect or Engineer) which must be signed by.
  4. Additional documents: drawings, project layouts etc.
  5. All documents must be on file located in the cd.


File Delivery of Practice


Students have to deliver the last day of the 1st week of October or March.



COURSE CATEGORY Supportive Courses



Vertical Tabs

Course’s Contribution to Program

No Program Learning Outcomes Contribution
1 2 3 4 5  
1 The ability of applying artistic and technical knowledge in developing contemporary and genuine designs within the scope of interior architectural discipline.         X  
2 The ability of understanding the interaction between people and the physical environment.              X  
3 The capability of thinking and expressing in two and three dimensional ways within the design process.         X  
4 The ability of analytical researching, critical approach developing and problem solving in the field of art and design.         X  
5 The ability of establishing the relationship between the past, present and the future and evaluating design applications within the historical and artistic process. X          
6 The ability of using techniques and technology to realise contemporary interior architectural applications.         X  
7 The ability of having control on different architectural scales and solving the details within the process of designing interior space and equipments.         X  
8 The ability to develop approaches on conservation and reuse at national and local level     X      
9 The ability of being versatile in working at interdisciplinary applications and teamwork.         X  
10 The abilitity of knowledge and application of  practice of occupational standards, regulations, ordinances and the rules of law.       X    
11 The ability of  establishing effective communication and expressing ideas within the visual, oral and literary field.     X      
12 The ability of to follow- up the developments within practice of design and to develop awareness of lifelong learning.       X    




Activities Quantity Duration
Course Duration (Including the exam week: 16x Total course hours) 30 3 90
Hours for off-the-classroom study (Pre-study, practice) - - -
Mid-terms - - -
Homework - - -
Final examination - - -
Total Work Load     90
Total Work Load / 25 (h)     3,6
ECTS Credit of the Course                               4